Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catching Up

This weekend was dedicated to staying home, catching up on sleep and enjoying my family. We stayed home and did not go anywhere, not even to church. We did run a couple of small errands but for the most part we just hung around with one another. Hubby and I cooked interesting meals for each other, the kids built a lot of lincoln log houses and put together several puzzles. Curly spent quite a bit of time on practicing her reading skills. Little Mister is going through a two-year-old phase so spent much of his time whining over various and sundry issues, including (but not limited to) his lincoln log tower falling over, Curly stealing his toy, wanting chocolate, wanting someone to help him put together his Strawberry Shortcake puzzle AGAIN, the cat stealing his toy or not being able to get a huge blanket to stay on a tiny plastic doll. Life is rough when you're two.

There was quite a bit of time to work on my quilt and to catch up on some computer work. Finally, I'm working on the border of my quilt and the end is in sight. I'll almost be sorry when it's done, I have enjoyed it so much.

I found our weekend-at-home delightful and I hope we do it again soon. It helped that Small Group was canceled for Spring Break so we didn't have to race around trying to get the house clean today. I feel more rested and ready for the upcoming week than I have for quite a while.

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