Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Walk

This morning, Little Mister and I took advantage of the sunshine to walk down to the Library. When I asked him if he'd like to go for a walk with me, he was immediately excited, hurrying to retrieve his little snowboots off the back porch and carrying them around snuggled next to the zipper of his blue sleeper.

I dressed him, shoved the little boots onto his feet, and wrestled his arms into his ski jacket. At last we set off through the crisp air, both of us walking gingerly where the dull sidewalk disappeared under icy piles of rotten snow.

We headed down Third Street, toward the gray stone church whose bell was striking eleven o'clock. Mister loves the clock bell and he eagerly chattered about it all the way down Third Street, one of his chubby hands clinging to my index finger and the other grasping a frosty pinecone. We both squinted against the harsh sunlight, pale but piercing through the clear air and took deep breaths. Too long had we been in the closed house or hurrying from car to building as if the chilly air were a bully to be avoided.

For blocks he walked beside me, his snow boots shuffling along, his eyes turned to the rows of cars lining the gravel-spattered street. "Red!" he proclaimed triumphantly. "Blue! Pink! Big truck!" At last he grew weary and I picked him up, settling him on my hip and kissing his cold cheek.

Arriving at the library, we looked at books and played the Elmo game on the computer. All too soon it was time to go or we'd never make it home in time to fix lunch for Daddy and Curly who were due back from Preschool. On the way home, Mister refused to walk, so I set him on a truck bumper until I could sling him onto my back, piggy-back style and there he rode, a contented little ball while I trudged up the hill.

We got home just as the Stinky Banana Car was pulling into our alley and Curly jumped out and ran to me, screaming, "Mommeeeeeee!" She head butted me and then headed into the house, content that her greeting had been sufficient. I handed Mister off to Hubby, grateful to remove his weight from my tired back, and also headed inside.

My walk had felt so wonderful, I resolved then and there to do it every chance I could, to walk or find some form of exercise because my mood had lifted and I felt so refreshed. I am so excited for spring to come and even though it is still months away, today gave a hint of warmer weather, longer days and gentle spring sunshine.

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