Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unpacking Buried Treasure

For the first time in our married life, Hubby and I took the afternoon and unpacked all of our tools. I had some put away in my craft area already, but there were several boxes still packed away, where they had resided for years, symbolizing the fact that we were shortly to move again, we lived in dinky trailers with nowhere to put them and that we would never bother getting them out.

Today, out came the jigsaw, which had been lost for years. We found the bolts to the bunk beds. We discovered that we collectively own about ten of the same pair of pliers. We have at least three tape measures; not to mention the five hammers, three hacksaws and even two coping saws. It has been Hubby's philosophy that if he can't find a tool (which he never could as they were always buried in the depths of some storage unit) he'd simply go buy another. When he got done with it, he'd pack it away in yet another box.

So today it became almost comical as we unpacked box after box and unearthed more and more duplicate tools.

I was in creative heaven. It was like going to the hardware store and coming away with every display. Wrenches of every shape and size, including a huge 1" wrench that Hubby says is used only for working on a tractor or combine came showering upon us. Screwdrivers in every length, rolls and rolls of tape; all of it was delightful. I imagined all of the projects we could do now that we had so many tools. We had sanders, both square and round, we had drills and planers and scissors and tubes of glue and paint brushes. All of it got organized and put away, hung on pegboard and sorted into cupboards.

Part of them, mostly the ones that were already there, were hung in my craft area. Hubby is banished from that area due to his propensity to steal tools and not return them. So I have a duplicate set of everything I need to fix things around the house: hammer and screwdriver and lots of tape and glue. So far I am the resident "fixer" in our family, which includes everything from mending clothes to reattaching molding to fixing broken toys.

Now, due to all the treasure we unearthed, we have a row of seven pliers hung on the pegboard downstairs, enough for Hubby to lose them all over the house before he runs out of them. This summer I can set up sawhorses in our newly cleaned-out garage and do all manner of woodworking projects. Some of the first ones on the horizon involve the two old doors that are also out in the garage. Then there is the little Saxon harp that I have wanted to build for years. It could actually happen this year. What fun!

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  1. I chucked as I envisioned you and hubby pulling out duplicate item after duplicate item and placing them in sorting piles. Dan and I have done that many times, laughing the whole time. We need to put together a tool kit to keep in the house. Dan's tool bench out in our shed is very well organized but nothing is ever in the house when we need it. Lets face it who wants to go outside every time you need a tool! We have many unfinished projects.