Monday, January 19, 2009


Bath and Body Works Lavender Vanilla bath soap and lotion

Years ago, just before my honeymoon, I happened to discover this scent in Bath and Body Works and I fell hopelessly in love. Ever since then I have claimed it as my own special scent.

My intrepid husband, with his penchant for nicknaming, calls them my "stinkies". He loves the smell too and he happily replaces my bottle when it gets low. Recently they changed the shape of the bottle and I was terrified that they would discontinue the scent. I considered stocking up, filling one of my cupboards with a lifetime supply of Lavender Vanilla lotion. Or maybe I should figure out how to make it using essential oils. Neither option seems very feasible, so I am simply going to have to rely on B&BW to continue producing this particular scent throughout my lifetime. Or I will be sad.

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  1. Erin,

    They always keep things not stocked online. I have a favorite scent they haven't carried in about 5 years. But they do keep it stocked online. So no need to fear your scent will still be here! :) -Lael