Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Rug In Front Of The Fireplace

Since it's been so cold, my kids have gravitated to playing on the rug in front of the fireplace. It's the warmest there, even when the fire isn't lit.

Mister used the time when Curly was at Preschool to get the trains out. I helped him build a big track and he happily put as many battery operated trains on it as he could. Unfortunately, the trains with the freshest batteries ran the fastest, catching up to the slower trains and pushing them off the track. When that happened, he'd holler at them and try to put them back on the track. I suppose he thought they weren't playing nicely.

The "Super Why" website continues to be a favorite for Curly Miss. She has also expanded to using and her CD of number and alphabet games. I'm so pleased with her progress in reading. She is beginning to sound out words accurately enough to make out what they say and every success builds more confidence. Her learning style is so different from what I expect: she finds spelling easier than reading letters on the page. Somehow she prefers to create words out of the thousands in her head than read what someone else put on the paper.

But her time is by no means monopolized by educational activities. She still loves to play with cars and trains. She even expressed a slight interest in Princesses after attending a Princess birthday party a week ago. To fan this flame, I have wanted to rent some of the classic Disney Princess movies again. Not that I think a girl should only play with Princesses, but it would help her to have a little more in common with her age-mates who all have a Princess addiction.


  1. I love that her pants are on backwards :)

  2. Hee. I was going to ask if her pants were on backwards. ;) My kids love the PBS kids website. I'll have to check out My kids also like playing on the virtual pets sites with their Tamagotchis and Kyrie's E-pet.