Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Like the party animals we are, we went to bed at 9:30 last night. No Big Apple, no chips and bean dip, no pizza, no countdown, no "Auld Lang Syne". We did have a little wine. Hubby and I took a bottle to Oregon to serve with our gourmet Thai dinner and we sneaked a few sips up to our room along with some very stale Wheat Thins to celebrate New Year's.

This year should be a really good year. Last year was a year of upheaval, of changes and ultimately of wonderful happenings. We got a "real" house, a job raise and a new minivan. I guess one could say we're moving up in the world. But since we live by Faith we know our Father is taking care of us either way, whether we live in a trailer or a house, whether we make a little or a lot.

Tonight we're treating the farm family to Thai food. We're reasonably sure it will turn out well; we've made this dish several times. I'm excited. Although my mother-in-law is a wonderful cook, I don't think she's had Thai before and it should be fun.

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