Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today was the day I reclaimed my living room from the fat, prickly, beautiful Christmas tree. We joined the throngs at Wal-Mart buying plastic bins to house our collection of ornaments then came home and tore into the tree. In no time at all all the ornaments were off, the lights were stowed and the tree had shed three metric tons of dry needles all over my floor, in my vents and had left a trail across the front porch and yard where Hubby had taken it out to the minivan which now became our beast to haul old Christmas trees. I hope he sweeps it out.

Humming to myself as I listened to the last round of Christmas tunes (including four different versions of The First Noel) I swept the floor, dragged furniture around and replaced mirrors and houseplants. The cat, meanwhile, discovered a catnip mouse hidden in one of the vents I cleaned out so she has been having a grand time chasing it around and attacking it.

My living room seems so much bigger, clean, peaceful but lacking that sense of beauty and soft lighting of the Christmas season. I'm wondering if I should put some leftover twinkle lights somewhere because it was so nice to have the extra light. Generally I keep the heavy curtains closed over the front window in an attempt to buffer our house from the cold air that sweeps down off the frigid panes. But it also means that the living room is lit by only the two tiny windows above the fireplace, not much in terms of good lighting. I know it's only January but I'll be glad when spring and warm weather come and I will once again keep every window in the house wide open.

For now though, I just need to get creative with lighting. We have lots of lamps, so I'll use them and make the house as bright and cheery as possible. With any luck these next few months will slide past us quickly and the sun will shine again through our windows.


  1. Definitely leave some extra twinkle lights up around the house. Christmas lights always make me happy. I'm sad when they come down. I was excited to see that people still had Christmas lights up on our drive over to my mom's place.

    Our trees(artificial) are still up, and will be- at least until we get home a couple of weeks from now. Last year, the tree we had up remained that way all through February. We took the ornaments off, though, and I intended to make it a Valentine's Day tree with red glass balls and homemade Valentine ornaments. Never really decorated it, though. I should have left it up until March and added green to it for a St. Patty's day tree. ;)

    Take care! I'm glad you had a good trip and are back enjoying the comforts of home. It's nice to visit, but it's always better to be home where everything is familiar!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I also love the clean, peaceful feel once the Christmas decorations are taken down. Creative, atmospheric lighting is definitely needed in the grey days of January, tho, and I like to have simple candles around the place - tho easier for me with teenage children! I also rely on my Christmas cacti to flower, and I just realised that they've made it into both my blogs recently.