Monday, December 1, 2008

Traveling in December

My poor Hubby finally arrived in San Francisco at his hotel at approximately 1:00 AM this morning. He had left home at 5:30 AM to catch a 6:30 flight that was canceled due to fog. So he drove down to L-town to get a flight from there to Seattle but was continually delayed by the fog. He at last reported flying to Seattle about 12:30 PM, then had plenty of time to run around Seattle because his connection was not scheduled to leave until 8:00 PM. It too was delayed again and again; he at last landed in Oakland about 12:00 AM and had to drive a rental car through freeways, exits, toll bridges and traffic for an hour to get to his hotel.

It took him nineteen and a half hours to take two one-hour flights.

According to the sparse text-messages I received, his tummy trouble cleared up during the afternoon, thus making his trip more enjoyable. I felt somewhat relieved on that account. Today he reports that his training is "boring." Hmmm... Guess software tutorials don't have any Oscar-Award-Winning material.

I'm pretty glad I opted not to go with him.

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  1. Oh I'm not jealous of that trip at all!!!!!!!!! I'm glad he made it safe though...and that you stayed home!