Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tales of a Cardboard Box

My new chair came in a cardboard box. It's a largish box and it is just the right size to hold two imaginative goombas. When you add a hook to keep the "door" closed and cut a window out of the side, it makes a wonderful play house, better even than those brightly colored plastic monstrosities produced by Playskool.

Curly Miss took residency right away. She hung a napkin over the window for her curtain and she had her afternoon snack in there. Little Mister took a little more convincing but now he is in there with his sister. I gave them the family flashlight out of the utility cupboard (note to self: rescue it when they are done and save the batteries) and I hear little voices talking about the "moon" they made on the ceiling of their box..

Cardboard boxes make the most magical of toys. They can be boats or airplanes or houses or race cars. They can be painted or drawn upon or left completely unadorned. They are free of charge yet are generally more fun than most toys costing hundreds of dollars.

I have a feeling this particular cardboard box will be in its current location between my dining room and my couch for several weeks to come.


  1. Yep! Every time a box comes into our house- doesn't matter the size, the kids beg me to keep it! I think they would be perfectly happy living in a cardboard box.

  2. Don't you love how they have all these toys and the most exciting thing ever is a cardboard box or a stick? So cute!! I'm glad your kids get to have some fun!!!