Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Counting the Days

The other day I pulled out the little Advent Calendar that I painted. A few weeks ago I had done a little preparation in the form of making a list with 24 slots and wandering around Wal-Mart until I found 24 different things that were less than $1 with which to fill it. Each slot is small enough it only holds a couple of jelly beans so I decided right away that some days would be notes leading to presents stashed in other areas of the house.

On Monday with the proper amount of pomp and circumstance, we opened the First Door. Inside was an array of M&Ms which delighted my children. After that Little Mister has expected every day's door to be filled with M&Ms and is surprised when they're not.

On December 2, the present behind the door consisted of several little colored pellets. Since the preceding day had contained candy, Little Mister popped one of the pellets in his mouth and began chewing vigorously. I rescued it and showed the kids how setting the pellets in a bowl of warm water made them transform into little sponges shaped like trucks. There was a motorcycle, a tow truck and a Jeep. Mister had trouble remembering the word for Jeep so he called it a "beep". My destructo-child, Curly Miss, lost no time in pulling hers to bits.

This morning they found a little note stuffed in the hole behind the Number 3. I read it and sent Curly on a search of the kitchen counter where she discovered a packet of window cling stickers with cute Christmas snowmen. The kids opted to stick them on their car windows so now our car looks festive too.

I am sure the Advent Calendar will offer much enjoyment in the days and weeks to come as we count down to the Day of the Christ Child's birth. I love starting new family traditions!


  1. THAT is a fun idea! You are so creative!!! Maybe I'll do that next year...

    Hey, you could make those and sell 'em!

  2. Except Michael's beat me to it, lol!