Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Absent One

We had expected him back at supper time. I should have known better. Actually I did know better but I didn't take time to think about it. I was just told 6:00 and so I told the kids Daddy would be home at 6:00, or supper time.

Instead I got a call at 5:00. He had stayed in a different hotel closer to the airport, thus shaving an hour off his journey today, but he was still in for a long day of travel. His flights got messed up again (reason undisclosed) and he would not actually be arriving home until well after midnight. Curly Miss was really bummed. She has been asking me all day if it was almost dinner time and would Daddy be home soon. It was tough to tell her he wouldn't actually see her until tomorrow morning.

So I abandoned my plans for a welcome-home dinner and the kids and I went to see the Lights Parade. We met Wholarmor and her kids there and had a wonderful time, watching the fire engines, the horsies, the lights and the elves tossing candy at the waiting kids. I bundled my kids in coats and hats and scarves and mittens. They still whined about the cold. I'm not sure how my own offspring can be such wimps about the outdoors. I need to toughen them up. Ok, kidding, kidding. I hope they relax enough to enjoy sledding is all.

Then we brought our friends home with us for hot chocolate and, as it turns out, dinner. My kids hadn't eaten which resulted in even more whining until finally I nuked chicken nuggets for the whole crowd (the moms had pumpkin pie!) and that solved most of the whining. Then the kids went down to play toys for a half hour.

We got to bed late but had a marvelous evening.

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