Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Pumpkin's Destiny

Thursday night, Little Mister and I carved a pumpkin together. Well, I carved and he stirred the pile of "guts" with a spoon. It did turn out a cute little Jack-O'-Lantern and presided over our future holiday doings with an amused smile. For a while.

All through the day yesterday, I was peppered with questions from Curly Miss about Halloween, Trick-or-treating, costumes and candy. She gleefully resumed her Super Why costume and supervised the dressing of Little Mister in the Pooh costume that she wore last year. He was delighted with the Pooh costume, pointing to himself and proclaiming himself "Booh".

In spite of her intensive curiosity, she still did not have the whole thing figured out by the time the first knock sounded at our door after dinner. She crowded next to me at the door, joined by her brother but was shocked and dismayed when I handed the candy out to the waiting costumed dinosaur on the front step. That candy ought to be for HER! Curly was in tears and Little Mister wasn't far behind.

In vain we tried to explain to them how it worked but finally gave up when both children fussed and whined so much we were about to send them to bed. We hadn't planned to go out trick-or-treating ourselves but we decided at the eleventh hour that it was better than being trapped in a houseful of whininess for the next three hours. Hubby took them out.

He said they as they ransacked the neighborhood for goodies the kids did great. Even Little Mister walked the whole way. Curly Miss soon learned to march right up to the door, holler "Trick-or-treat" and accept goodies. I am told that Little Mister followed her lead by echoing "Tee-teet" and then pointing to his costume announcing, "Booh".

Once the evening of gathering was over and my chilly children were once again safe in our house, they commenced to eat as much of their sugary bounty as I would allow. That consisted of a box of Nerds and some M & M's. More than that I would not consent to, plead as they might. When they're eight they can gorge themselves until they are sick, not this year. What a mean mother I am.

Hubby meanwhile, got a bee in his bonnet to make pumpkin muffins. He discovered too late, however, that he had no pumpkin puree with which to make them. Chagrined, he nearly gave up the project until I assured him I could concoct pumpkin puree out of our friend the Jack-O'-Lantern. Skepticism met me at this suggestion, but undaunted, I set to work. Fortunately I had just read through Pioneer Woman's cooking site a few days earlier and I knew just how pumpkin puree ought to be made. So of course I did it my own way. Instead of 45 minutes in the oven, 10 minutes in the microwave did the trick and soon Mr. Jack was reduced to a shriveled heap of baked squash.

I scooped and diced and chopped but discovered I could not actually puree as our blender had died. It looked like it had come over on the covered wagon and was a tired shade of olive green so I did not fault it. It will get its eternal rest. But I couldn't puree the pumpkin. I diced it as fine as I could and kind of smushed it around with a fork then called it good. It was really soft and Hubby said he could make his muffins just fine.

He did. While I greeted a steady stream of ghouls, dead brides, cows, a newspaper, bumble bees, monsters and superheroes, he worked away in the kitchen busily concocting his masterpiece. Here are his Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Muffins (a la Starbucks) which turned out so delectable that I am going to have to give them away immediately or risk gaining ten pounds. We sampled; I have to admit I ate two. Then we put our tired children to bed. Curly was so wound up she didn't fall asleep until 10:30 but eventually even she dropped off. This has been the most fun out of any Halloween I can remember.


  1. OH.......those pumpkin muffins look DIVINE!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry you had a melt-down but I'm glad your man took them out and you got to be home answering the door!!! We cut our kids off from the candy too...don't feel bad mama! Let them gorge later in life! This young YOU would have to clean up the barf! Ha ha ha. Happy Halloween.

  2. Umm .. that was from me, Becky T. lol

  3. Erin, feel free to send the muffins to me so you won't be tempted. They look scrumptious. I'd be happy to "take care" of them for you!

  4. I'm going to have to check out Pioneer Woman's blog. I have three small pumpkins sitting on our porch that I'm not sure what to do with. You are fortunate to have a husband that likes to bake. I'm not really into baking, and DH isn't a baker, either. :P

    Your kids are cuties! Too funny that Natta was upset about you giving candy out to the other kids, lol.