Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to make a really awesome eggnog latte

Bag of Cascade Pride Java with a handwritten note that says Espresso Roast

A Brikka Coffee maker

my hand holding a measurement of whole beans

Beans in the burr grinder, set to fine

the finely ground espresso coffee

pouring the grounds into the brikka

pouring bottled water into the bottom of the brikka

putting the Brikka together

Brikka coffeemaker on a burner set to high

pouring 16 ounces of eggnog into a four-cup glass measuring cup

microwaving eggnog for 2 minutes forty seconds

picture of an aerolatte foamer

setting the aerolatte in the eggnog

foaming the warm eggnog

Brikka coffee maker with shots of espresso in the top

Pouring the espresso in the mug

pouring the foamed eggnog in the mug

a beautiful mugful of yummy, foamy, creamy coffee!  wow.

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  1. Looks yummy! On another note, I really like your flat-top stove! I've wanted to get one of those, but our place will only support a gas stove. :P