Monday, November 10, 2008


I have a confession to make: I'm scared of hairstylists so I cut my hair myself. Those of you who are actually hairstylists by profession need an apology, I suppose, because I'm sure you aren't all as intimidating as the ones I have seen. It just seems like whenever I go to a salon the stylist and I never get along.

To begin with, I freeze up as soon as the stylist begins asking me what kind of haircut I want. I have no idea how to tell her what I like and it seems like once I stammer out a few feeble sentences, she invariably says, "Oh you don't want THAT" so I wasted my efforts anyway. Then while she does the cut I have to take off my glasses, rendering me completely blind and therefore in her power for the rest of the time there. I'm also somehow subject to the full recital of her entire life story including (for some) the recitations of boyfriends, children, single parenting and drinking episodes and (for others) the run-down on the number and exploits of their 563 grandchildren. The shampoo is the only part I really like.

I'm also cheap. Like, really, really cheap. I went to get my hair cut the other day and once it was over the bill came to $38 and I about choked. I somehow managed to pay it and get out the door without fainting but it was a close call. I mean for crying out loud, we can take our family of four out to a sit-down restaurant TWICE in our frugal way for that amount. And both times, it's a lot more pleasant experience.

This aforementioned salon experience is actually a rarity for this reason. Yes, I admit it. I cut my own hair. All of the stylists I have ever talked to would probably spank me if they knew, so I never tell them. I figure it's my hair and I can do with it what I wish. That includes saving $40 every 6-8 weeks. I only went to the salon this last time because I had let it grow for a year and did not feel like trying to even out the split ends myself.

Unfortunately, as usual I didn't like the cut from the salon so I cut it again myself soon after. I also dyed it red again and it turned out really bright which is fun for a while until it mellows into its normal red-brown color.

I guess this means I am a complete haircutting snob. I like the cuts I do myself so much better than the salon ones, whether I do layers or a simple bob, that I am beginning to think I might never visit a salon again. Well, maybe just for a shampoo.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone is as weird about their hair as I am. If my hair tickles my face or neck or is in my eyes at all it drives me absolutely crazy. I want it to look cute but so many trendy styles involve tickly little things around the face or in the eyes I cannot stand it. So I am constantly pulling it back and then feeling like I am absolutely the opposite of stylish in the hair realm. Combine this with the fact that my hair is thick, falls forward and has just enough wave to make it completely unruly means that I pretty much give up on looking cute and at least try to feel comfortable. Stylists never understand this reasoning and invariably cut it so that it falls right into my eyes.

I've bared my soul here, given out one of my deepest, darkest secrets to the internet world. Somehow I feel sort of cleansed, as though I have purged myself of some great wrongdoing. I admit it. I cut my own hair. Bring on the fashion police!

Back in August. I cut layers then let them grow out.

Most recent cut. The stylist had only trimmed the layers that were there but back at home I reshaped it into a bob and pulled back the bangs with a clip.

On a different day I used butterfly clips to deal with the bangs. I love, love, love this haircut. No more tickly things on the back of my neck. Did I mention how much I hate tickly things on the back of my neck? Sometimes I wonder if I'm a little bit autistic the way things like tags and hair tickling my neck bug me.

In the back you can see the layers that are still there. The rain makes them especially curly.

There you have it folks: a closet haircutter comes clean. I hope all of you who have really cute, trendy hair can forgive me and love me anyway now that you know the truth. Because I am not likely to stop cutting my own hair any time soon.


  1. Erin, as an ex hair 'dresser'...(giving away my age here) I think you do a very nice job. I happen to have a 'stylist' that a like a lot so if you ever need a 'professional' cut let me know. I admire people that have the ability and patience to cut their own. Sharon

  2. It was you I was thinking of mostly...I knew you used to cut hair. I do need a recommendation for a good "stylist" or "dresser" or whatever! I never can seem to find a good one. Next time I need to get things evened up I'll call you and get her number. :)

  3. I like my Mom's stylist so much that I usually schedule my haircuts around my trips to Moscow. I have yet to find a stylist in Tacoma that I have returned to. I actually called my Mom today and asked her how risky Great Clips would be for me. They just opened a new location and are advertising $5.99 cut and blow dry. I HATE paying for haircuts which is PARTLY why my hair is long. I'm betting it's pretty risk free since it's not a precision cut I'm after, more like a trim. Anyway, I relate to you on the expensiveness of it, but I love when I find someone good and then they style my hair all cute. Shelley (my Mom's gal) does a great job styling my hair AND she's a kick to talk to!

  4. I love the look right now of the side bangs that hang in the eyes, but like you I CANT STAND to have my bangs in my eyes... It drives me crazy... and I can't do no bangs, b/c my face is so round I look like charlie brown...

    My hairstyle hasn't changed for years... but i like it, and I finally found a stylist here who listens, and does a really good job, she even keeps detailed notes on a card for me... plus she's my age which I love.

    Your hair looks really nice! I'd be afraid to cut my own hair.

  5. I still can't find a good hairdresser...sigh. There is one in Houston I loved that cut my hair once but alas I moved! Maybe I should go to Sharon's "dresser" when I'm in town!

    Erin, you are brave and I admire you immensely! Mine would not look anything like yours, it would be very, very scary. N, my hair is long too partly because I have no one to cut it, I don't want to pay, and long hair is fun to have!

  6. You are braver than me! That's for sure. I say, if you cut your own hair and it looks that nice, you've got no apologies to make to anyone. Good for you!