Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Family Story

Once upon a time there were two children named Curly and Mister
They lived with their Mommy and Daddy in a beautiful cottage
The family loved each other so much that they wanted another baby to love
so they prayed for a special new Baby Bear to come
One day Grandmama came to stay with Curly and Mister
Mommy and Daddy got on a big airplane and traveled to Far Away
where a little brown baby was waiting
Mommy and Daddy brought the brown baby home to the beautiful cottage
and to her big brother, Mister and sister, Curly
Curly loved to hold her new sister, little Baby Bear
Mister loved to give her soft toys
Mommy took good care of her and fed her lots of warm milk
Daddy held Baby Bear and read the kids a fun story
Baby Bear first smiled, then found her toes, then sat up, and at last she walked
She gave her big brother and sister a hug
Mommy and Daddy love Curly, Mister and Baby Bear very much


An artist friend plans to illustrate this and make it into a beautiful book for our family.

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