Saturday, November 8, 2008

Educational and Fun

Curly Miss has a firmly entrenched morning routine which includes climbing into bed with me and watching Super Why on the tiny 13" TV that lives in our bedroom. On Saturdays this creates a bit of a problem as the normal weekday programming isn't on. When I tell her it's not on, I can see disappointment written on every feature of her little face.

Luckily I found a few episodes online, our Saturday saving grace. I load up a full episode and let her watch (no matter that it's the same one every week) then when it's done I let her go to the PBS kids web site and play the games they offer there. Since she has only recently been allowed to begin using the computer, this is a great treat, one that thankfully keeps her busy most of the morning.

Watching her learn to use the computer mouse has been amusing, to say the least. Coordinating her little fingers to move the pointer to where she wants it then get it to stay still while she clicks the button has been a frustrating process for her. Every week she does a little better, although once in a while she still accidentally closes the window or hits print. She is finally to the point where she can be mostly independent, which I am thankful for, because her learning style is so similar to mine that she is happiest when she can figure something out herself rather than have the pressure to perform imposed by someone teaching her how to do it.

So she sits happily playing her computer games and brushing off her brother like an annoying fly. He stands at her elbow watching and commenting on her progress. Since she does that constantly to me when I am on the computer, I have to laugh as he gives her a little taste of her own medicine!

I love watching her absorb knowledge. She is learning to read and spell along with important computer skills. She doesn't know it, though. She thinks she's playing games and singing along with fun songs. She's like a little sponge, soaking up learning. I see huge leaps every day as she recognizes more and more words. Yay for educational shows and games!

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