Friday, November 21, 2008

Daddy Dressed the Kids

This morning I still felt pretty crummy so our compromise was that Daddy would get the kids ready and take Curly Miss to Preschool. Then he'd go in to work where things are piling up on his to-do list at an alarming rate. Little Mister and I would stay home where presumably I would rest on the couch and Mister would play toys.

This master plan worked fairly well except for this:

Curly Miss wearing an orange shirt under a pink and brown flowered top

Yes, she actually wore this to Preschool.

Little Mister, being male, has much less colorful ensembles to choose from, therefore giving Hubby a shot at actual success. If you look closely, however, you'll see that the corduroy pants are on backwards.

But hey, who's to quibble about a little thing like that??

Daddy, you did good.


  1. Miss Curly is definitely in Fashion. Ask any little girl, or college girl for that matter. They might even find it so fashionable they would do it themselves...No Joke! What a beautiful little girl! Hugs, Lael

  2. Eh, that's not too bad! I think that IS the style nowadays! I saw a t-shirt the other day that I was tempted to get. It said,"If my clothes don't match, Daddy dressed me." Of course, Kyrie is at the age where she likes to pick out her own clothes. She can make some interesting choices sometimes.

    And I have often found clothing on backwards when my kids have been dressed by Daddy, too! So funny! At least they're trying to be helpful!