Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Collaborative Sewing part 1: Cutting Out

Sharply at 9:00 my friend A came to pick us up in her minivan. We buckled my kids into her kids' car seats and set off for her Mother-In-Law's house out in the country. She had one kid still out of school, so altogether we only had Curly Miss, Little Mister and M, who is four.

Once we arrived we set up a plan of attack for cutting out two pioneer dresses in one morning. Since they were exactly the same and we planned to use the same pattern, we marked her pieces with numbers in order to re-use the pattern pieces for my dress.

All morning we pinned and cut and folded and ironed and chatted merrily. At first the kids whined and wanted to watch a movie. Finally they relaxed and decided to play with the toys and the dog who they placed in the baby crib.

Our morning felt quite productive as we got both dresses entirely cut out as well as all the linings, facings and bonnet pieces as well

On the way back into town it began to snow and we saw a jeep recently slid into a ditch. That scared us; although they assured us they did not need additional help, it was a sign that the roads were slick and we also had to slow down for emergency vehicles every mile or two as they rushed past us toward the scene.

At last we arrived back in town where A dropped me off at the voting booths. She stayed in the car with my kids, a huge blessing. With no little people underfoot, I voted quickly then we headed home for lunch.

So the first session of collaborative sewing went well. I am completely unused to having someone to talk to while I sew. It was a real treat!

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  1. Wow, you are amazing! Sewing pioneer dresses??? :) You'll have to post pictures of your finished project!