Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Madness

I actually got out from behind the camera and helped Curly open presents.

Auntie still loves opening presents too!

The famous Curly-and-Daddy Birthday Cake! (It looks more like the Fourth of July to me!!!)

The usual off-key song and blowing out candles

Curly Miss and Little Mister took the lead on Candle Removal.

A new tea set had to be opened right away

The tea set turned out to be Little Mister's favorite toy.

Curly Miss got a traffic light to put in her room.

Lincoln Logs, a classic toy. Note the horse on the roof, an important feature of any Pioneer building.

Curly was so funny. She opened just a couple of the presents then she wanted to stop and play with them and didn't want to open any more. I think if she had her way she would open one birthday present a week throughout the year.

I am pretty sure she had a good birthday. Now she's counting down until she's five. I told her she had a long time to wait. Silly kid!

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