Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ahead of Schedule!

We got a call last night from our assigned social worker. She is going to be in town Saturday and wanted to know if she could stop by for our home inspection then! Yikes! I was in bed sleeping all day and the house, while it started out fairly clean, has been inhabited by Hubby and the kids pretty heavily for two days. Granted, he's pretty good about tidying here and there, but there is still laundry piled from the "incident of the gift in the night-time" and the bathroom... well, you get the picture.

We called her back and gave a tentative yes. If we can get the house whipped into shape and get me into an upright position for two hours on Saturday, we'd like to do it.

During that phone call, she dropped another piece of fantastic news. Once she does the home visit, she only has a few more days' worth of paperwork and we could be approved as early as Thanksgiving!!!

Of course with this process it is always "hurry up and wait" but it's still exciting to think that things are moving along so well.

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