Friday, October 17, 2008

Super Why

Every morning Curly Miss crawls into bed with me to watch her favorite cartoon on PBS, Super Why. I have to say I like this particular cartoon a lot because its primary purpose is to teach reading and it happens to be right at Curly's level. She likes it because it's exciting, fun and cool.

The main character, Wyatt, turns into a reading superhero, Super Why, at the beginning of every episode. He and three friends enter a storybook of fairy tales. They spend their time reading the words and changing the story to solve a frustrating problem such as losing their way or running into the Billy Goats' Gruff's troll.

Curly Miss adores this show. So when she found out that I intended to make a costume for her this fall, she requested to be Super Why.

So I have spent my time this week designing and sewing a Super Why costume. Luckily I had all but the sleeves done when my machine broke. I guess I had pushed it too far sewing over twenty pins on the mask. I finished the rest by hand after dropping the machine off at the shop.

Of course a superhero needs all of her props and gear as well. Super Why has a little red question mark atop a blue pencil that he uses to zap words in the storybook. Of course my little detail-oriented offspring needed one exactly like the real thing. Using techniques learned from Grandma Doh, I used Sculpey clay that bakes hard, molded around a wire frame a glued to... can you guess what I used to make the pencil? A wooden peg. Michael's Craft store loves me.

When my daughter picked up the "word-zapper" as she calls it, she commented regretfully, "It doesn't work though."

I responded, "Well, it's just pretend, the whole show."

"Of course it is," she answered knowingly.

Tonight, after an afternoon of hand sewing, I presented the costume to Curly. Delighted, she donned the suit and mask, announcing she is now Super Why. She rushed off to show her brother. I'd say she looks more like Super Curly.

I'm not sure where we'll use it as we probably won't go Trick-or-treating. I guess we'll find a party somewhere to attend. I have a feeling we won't need to as our family will probably be graced with the presence of Super Curly for quite some time.

It's also a good thing I did not know any better, I could have bought a costume.

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  1. My kids love Super Why, too! Good thing none of them wanted a costume, though. I'm not talented in seamstressing like you!