Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Morning's Entertainment

Curly Miss and I woke up this morning to loud banging outside. At first I told her it was a garbage truck but when it continued we both decided that my initial assessment was wrong. So we looked outside.

What do you know? A couple of really cool big trucks were right outside our house working on our street! Curly was enchanted, stationing herself by the living room window to watch. Once Little Mister woke up, they sat on the big blue chair in his room, raptly watching those trucks out his window.

There was a big scoop with a Pinchy, just like Diesel 10, and it was busily digging up the road.

Then it dropped pieces of the road into the other truck.

Meanwhile, a flagger stopped traffic, and set out orange cones, just like on Bob the Builder. Amazing! There was drama and action outside this morning, I tell you!

What lucky kids I have.

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