Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Landing a Big Fish

Although Hubby likes his job and it supports our family well for the time being, we have been looking ahead at later expenses: a new car, private schools, etc. and he realized his current job isn't quite adequate for all of the things we want for our family. I would have to begin working again which, when we still have small children, pretty much means all of my paycheck goes to daycare. An option, but not a good option.

Then unexpectedly a month ago a job at UI opened up in the ITS department. The job description is exactly the same as Hubby's current job but the pay is almost as much more per year as a second job! They must have been having trouble finding qualified applicants. Of course he applied; who would miss such a chance?

Last week he had an interview and this week after much nail-biting and one depressing day of a false negative, he was offered the job yesterday!!! What a huge blessing for our family! Right as we're getting ready to pay a lot of money to adopt a new baby here comes the means to do so. This means I will be able to continue staying home, a mixed blessing for me but a definite plus overall for the kids.

Another cool part of this job is that Hubby's current boss likes him so much and is so sorry to lose him that he has contracted with the new department to hire Hubby back for 15% of his normal time. This means that all of the big projects that Hubby oversees now will still be under his supervision and he will get to watch over their ongoing production, an item he is very pleased about. I feel so proud of the fact that Hubby is so indispensable to his department that they are doing everything they can to not lose him.

Last night he came home with a red rose for me in celebration and the news that he had lined up a babysitter. He took me on a date to "West of Paris", the nicest restaurant in town, to celebrate and enjoy each other's company. What a treat!

For me, after so many years of struggling, of living in drafty, dumpy trailers, of budgeting carefully for every penny, this seems almost too good to be true. Of course we won't live any less frugally than we do now but the future will be much easier as we look ahead and plan for our kids. Gratitude springs up in my heart at the way we have been blessed right as we needed it the most. God is indeed gracious.


  1. Wahoo!!! I am excited for you guys!

  2. Congratulations! What exciting news!

  3. yahoo!!!! Congrants, on a well earned promotion! How cool that his current department still wants him, too!! -Jilann

  4. What an amazing blessing! Congratulations!