Friday, October 31, 2008

A Healthy Lunch

Today I fixed such a healthy lunch for my kids I decided to blog about it in commemoration and also for solace on those days when my poor children eat nothing but Oreos for their noon meal. No, I am kidding. Sort of.

Lately I've been trying to make healthy foods more "fun" so that said foods get eaten rather than stuffed into the hollow posts of their chairs. I use fun Red Trays, Curly's favorite color, and of course Lightning McQueen spoons and forks. In the effort to make lunch prep as easy and fast as possible, I microwaved frozen chicken nuggets and veggies, but then I sneakily improved the presentation with cheese sprinkled on the veggies and ketchup in which to dip nuggets. For fruit my kids love unsweetened applesauce so that got included as well.

Although Curly only has water to drink, she has it in a Lightning McQueen cup with a pumpkin straw. It was so fun she drank three cupfuls!

Now that I have one healthy meal in our repertoire, I'd love to hear any other lunch ideas you might have. What does your family eat for lunch? Celery and tofu? Doritos? Help me out here or we might be back to Oreos tomorrow. No, I'm kidding. Sort of.


  1. There's always the good old PB&J sandwich.

  2. My favorite is crescent rolls with mini hot dogs (or regular ones cut in or ham works too!) and cheese rolled up. I cook them for the maximum time for regular crescent rolls on the package (like 15 minutes). My son loves these. Then I serve him peas or broccoli with it. And canned pears or peaches. I love them too! The kids can even help roll them.

  3. Hey - for kids, dip with little trees (broccoli) is legal. If they can dip anything most of them like it and still counts for veggies and fruit. Ice cream is a milk product and gives calcium too. Yogurt with mixed fruit in it. PBJ on wheat is a complete protein (and no they don't need to eat the crust) - cut it in a fun shape. Anything cut into strips with dip is a win - win with kids. So apples with a little caramel is still a fruit. Or apples with a little marshmallow cream or peanut butter to dip in counts.

    :) I think as moms we limit ourselves too much - have fun and don't worry about it - an oreo for lunch now and then is OK too. :)Just serve it with a big glass of milk.

  4. Not sure it's healthy per se, but in addition to PB&J we do Easy Mac or a turkey hot dog, with cottage cheese or string cheese. Ethan loves veggies and fruit, so that's always on the plate too. Sometimes I'll bake a sweet potato in the microwave, and we split that. Ethan likes polenta. I buy it at Winco in the deli section. It's already made into chubs and you just have to cut it up and heat it in a pan. We put salt and parmesan cheese on ours (and Ethan's could have real butter, but I skip that part for me.) Sometimes for something different we even have breakfast for lunch: a bowl of cereal, or oatmeal, or a pancake.
    Happy Eating, Kelley