Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forgetting My Brain

We need to go to the store this morning. To get... something. For the life of me I cannot remember what it was. Most likely it's whatever I forgot to get last time I was at the store.

Sometimes I feel like I have no brain whatsoever. I think about things I need throughout the day, sometimes even being so clever as to write them down on a list. Then I bundle up the kids, throw them in the car, buckle 15 car seat buckles and get going. By the time I remember their blankets, my driving glasses, my sun glasses, my purse with (hopefully) wallet, their shoes, coats, toys, drinks, and THEM, I have forgotten the list. Oh well, I'll remember what was on it, right? Right? Oh, quit laughing.

Then I arrive at the store. By then my brain is usually on to a completely different topic, such as the life-consuming dilemma of "should I Photoshop that chipped-paint background on my client's new website in an edgy steel blue or use warmer red tones?" I wrestle with this as I walk around the store. In the baby clothes section I have definitely decided on the steel blue. But as I pass jewelry and clocks I reconsider. Maybe I should even throw in a little green to bring out those tones in a logo I'm using...

In a daze I push the cart full of chattering children, picking random objects off the shelves. My daughter apparently does this too. Last night she laughingly held up a pair of fake vampire teeth swiped from who knows where. When we get to the checkout line the bill comes to $58.67. How can that be??? We came here to get toothpaste, for crying out loud!

By the time we get all loaded and buckled in the car, I have successfully decided to Photoshop a DIFFERENT picture altogether and life is dandy. Until we get home. There on my table is my list, sporting the one item in the entire store I did not purchase. So I crumple the list, throw it in the fireplace, set the kids in front of the TV and open Photoshop. Aaaah, life is good.

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  1. LoL! You and me, both! You and me, both.