Monday, October 13, 2008

The Doings of Little Mister

It struck my in reading back over recent posts that Curly Miss has gotten quite a bit more screen-time than Little Mister. She certainly has more structured activities but over the course of a week I actually spend more time with him. We are very much enjoying the one-on-one time together. He is still my snuggler and will come up to give me a spontaneous hug or kiss. More introverted than his sister, I have seen signs of getting overwhelmed by a large crowd of kids although generally he does very well in a group. Thankfully he's really easygoing and seldom gets upset about anything except someone stealing his toy.

His vocabulary has taken another leap forward. He tries to imitate our words now. For a long time he has understood everything we said but now he's attempting to say it for himself, not in conversation yet, but in imitation. He always seems so pleased with himself when he says a new word it cracks me up and we laugh together and have a tickle.

He's going to be two next week. When Curly Miss turned two I had just had a baby and was in terrible pain. I remember very little of her development and personality at that time and I realize now that I missed a delightful stage of development. He changes day by day, learning and exploring his little world.

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