Sunday, October 26, 2008

Conversation With Curly

Curly (in bed): WAAAAAA! I need Mommy to come cut my fingernail!

Hubby (at the foot of the stairs): I don't think so.

Curly: Yes I do. Mommy needs to cut my nail so I don't bite it.

Hubby: I'll cut it.

Curly: WWAAAAAA I want Mommy to cut it.

Mommy (from the kitchen where cookies are being baked): I did tell her to ask me. I'll do it.

Curly (when Mommy has arrived): It's this thumb.

Mommy: That thumb nail doesn't need to be cut. Are you just trying to stay up to keep from going to sleep?

Curly (with a disarming smile): Well, a little bit, yeah.

Mommy (trimming nails anyway): At least you're honest.

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