Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Watching Paint Dry

While Natta is in Preschool I have had quite a bit of time to work on projects. The one that seems to occupy the most time this summer is my window painting which is showing slow but steady progress.

It has to be done in such small sections that a few hours a week on it is all I can do before I have to leave it to dry for several days. With my constantly interrupted schedule, that's perfect.

So I have advanced to the point where the main part of the picture is done on the middle window. All the flowers, leaves and vines have been created and applied, now the work changes and I need to fill in the clear background and do all the straight lead lines.

Because the clear paint goes on white, I feel like a little kid, full of wonder as I watch it dry, turning clear right beneath my very gaze. Then I have to laugh at myself for sitting there watching paint dry. I hope that's not an indicator of the normal excitement levels in my life. Watching a project unfold is exciting to me, however tedious it may seem to a casual onlooker.


  1. Okay, you are amazing! I love it!!! I was thinking about you yesterday at Costco because I bought advocado's and thought of your visit to Houston! :) Fun times! Your art is beautiful just like you!

  2. I love it! You are one talented lady!
    Becky T.

  3. Ditto what Becky said!