Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Stay-cation That Wasn't

Hubby and I planned to have a Stay-cation this week. We had originally wanted to go on a vacation but decided rather than spending the money and driving time and the headaches of sleeping the kids away from home that instead we'd stay here and tour all the sights that neither of us have visited thought we have lived here for over ten years.

The trouble is, it isn't working as planned.

Last night we went out for a nice dinner. We wanted to go to a bit nicer place, tired of the likes of Shari's and Applebee's with their crummy service and deep-fried food. So we chose Sangria Grille and since it was a football weekend, I sent Hubby on ahead to get a table so the kids would not have to wait for an hour there in the restaurant.

We discovered that the restaurant did not approve of this plan; as soon as they had a table ready they wanted all of our party there to plant our bottoms in the seats. When they found out we had kids they were even less accommodating. I think they are actively trying to discourage families with young children from patronizing their establishment because when they finally got us seated they refused to give us a high chair saying it sticks out into the aisle too far. They don't have children's sized portions either, but we ordered the kids a stir-fry and took the leftovers home. In spite of their lack of hospitality, we managed to have fun anyway, dressing up in dinner attire, getting apple juice in a fun, tall glass and splurging on a chocolate-toffee ganache for dessert.

When we got home we played a rousing family game of Candyland then put the kids to bed. At this point Hubby played the party pooper and also hit the hay.

This morning we tried going to Farmer's Market but it turned out to be a drag. The house, still filthy from my weekend away and a busy week, was calling to me and I decided that a Stay-cation actually doesn't work. The kids were grouchy without their usual routine and I still did not get away from the mess. So I gave up on the festivities and dived in to clean my kitchen and finish putting my hiking and camping supplies away. Now I feel much better! Hopefully we can still visit the Appaloosa Museum or something this afternoon.

Part of the trouble is the disparity Hubby and I have in finding stuff to do. I find "city stuff" like coffee shops, shopping, museums and wineries to be extremely boring, not to mention expensive. Give me the outdoors any day. On the other hand, to him camping, hiking, swimming and the like are no fun. We compromise often by doing each others' preferred activities but it sometimes doesn't work out very well.

So this afternoon he is down at a coffee shop with a friend. Last weekend I went hiking with a group. As long as we do activities separately we're fine. Unfortunately we're less successful at doing things as a whole family in general. We've had a few triumphs, such as Silverwood.

I did learn a lesson about a Stay-cation, though. The purpose of a vacation is not necessarily to see the sights, it's to get completely away from the dirty dishes haunting your sink. If you can't do that, you might as well throw in the towel on vacationing.


  1. Yeah, it's hard for Mark and I to really enjoy activities outside the home together because our personalities and interests are different in a lot of ways. At least we can share our love of watching Lost on tv together. Too bad it goes into re-runs too soon!

    You should do a stay-cation without kids, too. It's hard when they're so young to worry about keeping them entertained while trying to enjoy your time, too. I guess that would be called a date, lol.

  2. Which is why I wish I could always take Mr. Taylor out of the country when we're ready for a break! Any vacation we take where he has cell phone/computer access becomes a "stay-cation" for us too! Hang in there, Erin. I promise, it gets better!!!