Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scenes From Farmer's Market


Last Saturday we set off for a fall Farmer's Market. We love going there since most of the town turns out and it's like a big festival.

kids in stroller
It's such a treat to be able to walk through the sunshine with the kids in the big, blue stroller.

1912 center

The 1912 Center, one of our most-used community event buildings, was all decked out for something they held last night.

a street crossing

Mister looks downtown. This crossing marks the transition from residential to commercial. I think the primary landmark for the kids is the button to push when waiting to cross the street.

farmer's market sign

For some reason I was fascinated with signs that morning.

chalkboard sign

They come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting the personality of the people who made them.

loading zone sign

Some are purely functional but still are part of the overall scene.

do not enter sign

Some are rendered temporarily obsolete.

people looking at flowers

In the fall, the produce and flowers are such high quality, it is a treat to shop at the Market.

flowers and potaotes

pink bouquet



Hubby always has to stop by the booth of his friend, Otto, who roasts and brews his own blend of coffee.

violin player

The music and art represent a good cross-section of the community. Both professional and amateurs gather to share their talents. Here a violin player is busking and earning a few dollars for spending.

sidewalk art

Sidewalk art flourished in the middle of blocked-off Main Street.

finished sidewalk art

cello made from scrap metal

People had art to sell also. Some of these homegrown artists and artisans have quite the creative streak!

old white bus

Everyone has a different way of transporting their wares to set up in a booth each week.

bicycle trailer

And the shoppers each have a different way of arriving.

great dane

They also each bring their own particular "friends" with them!

homemade dresses

We don't just have food. These inspired Curly's Lightning McQueen dress.

Curly blowing in a pipe

The Friendship Square Playground has to be the kids' absolute favorite part.

mister smiling

hubby and kids say goodbye


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