Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sad News

This appears to be the Summer Of Lost Kitties. Although Hammy has been lost and re-found about four times (we finally decided he was living at the neighbor's house where he is in love with their kitten who is just his age), we have another, more serious Cat dilemma.

Magnet, our faithful, trusty tux-cat has been missing for 16 days. We have called the Humane Society, put up posters and have driven around the neighborhood and the old trailer park looking for him. I think maybe this time he may be gone for good and I sure do miss him. I hope he is bunking somewhere in a new location and very happy if he has to be permanently lost.

Come back, Magnet! Your family misses you!

Since we put up the poster a week ago we have discovered an interesting phenomenon. Many, many people have stopped by or called trying to help but every single one of them saw a black-and-white cat two blocks down the road who looks like Magnet's twin. Ironically this little female is owned by Andrea, who was one of the women on the hike with me last weekend. Small town ironies!

Still, we have been blessed by the caring of those around us who want us to find our pet as badly as we want to find him. Just one more reason we love living here.


  1. So sorry about your lost kitty. Don't give up hope yet. My MIL thought her cat had run off for good, but he came back eventually. He's probably just having a little adventure.

  2. Oh no! Remember,we lost our cat Twinkle, a couple years back? He was missing out in the woods for a month and we were sure he'd become coyote food! He finally showed up at the door one night. I swear, he didn't look like he'd been "lost" at all. We think he(like your Hammy) was "seeing another family".
    I hope you find Magnet soon. :0(
    Becky T.