Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Part-time Job

It's amazing how things work out when you're least expecting it. Initially I had wanted to look for a job this fall, a few hours a week, hopefully something that I could do during Preschool. then I looked around for childcare options for Little Mister and realized that whatever I did, the paycheck would go straight to Daycare, the reason I am staying home in the first place. I also realized that I wasn't ready to say goodbye to him for several hours each day if I didn't have to.

So I scrapped the job idea.

Last week I met with Debbie, the English professor from our hiking trip. Although we only purposed to meet to exchange pictures and discuss the website she wanted me to make for the trip, our talk turned to the extra amount of research she needed to do for her book and her need for someone to grade extra papers and do some transcription. She offered the work to me at a nice hourly rate and I jumped at the opportunity. I can do paperwork right here at home while the kids play or nap and since my house is on the way to work for her, she can conveniently drop things off for me to do.

It works out quite well for both of us, so we're both pleased with the arrangement. It won't be anything like a large wage but will be enough extra income each month to have some "play" money for both of us. More to my liking, it will be something to do during the long lonely days as winter sets in.

Today over cups of espresso, we finalized the details and she'll have me start next week. I can work from home at my leisure at the paperwork she'll give me each week. Owing to the type of work, it will be somewhat inconsistent, but that's fine; one of the perks of my current schedule is the flexibility.


  1. Hooray! What a huge blessing! God is good and knows the desires of our hearts. I love it when He drops a big unexpected blessing right in our laps. - Jilann

  2. That is awesome! I love it. Plus, that kind of stuff is right up your alley and will exercise your brain and give you something to look forward to! Hooray for your mountain climbing backpack trip!!!

  3. Very cool! I'm glad that worked out so well for you!