Monday, September 29, 2008

A Man And His Dollhouse

This weekend saw us driving for three hours (an activity the kids never enjoy) and staying for two nights with some good friends of ours who live three hours away. Three hours in the car. Did I mention that it was quite a ways from our house?

We had a wonderful time and the main contributor to peace and harmony was the shower of new toys we brought for the kids. I highly recommend new toys when traveling. Oh, and DVD's for that three-hour car ride. But back to the toys. We decided to give our share of birthday presents to the kids a month early, namely, this weekend to facilitate lots of happy play time so that Hubby and I could get a few minutes' conversation in with our friends before being interrupted by a toddler wanting milk or stories or food (we don't feed our kids) or a movie or a $40 allowance or a cookie.

It worked like a charm. Our friends E & K designated a rug in an out-of-the way location to be the play area so we would not be constantly tripping over toys. The kids started out there and drifted along like dry leaves until they were playing precisely in the middle of the kitchen floor. I can't wait till E & K have kids and all these pre-conceived notions of how they are going to raise them will fly right out the window as soon as their kids turn two and start expressing their own opinions and preferences. E thinks he is going to travel with children and bring only one toy. Bwahahahahaha!!! Pardon me while I wipe away tears of helpless laughter. Oh, E, you will learn. Yes, you will learn. Your kids will teach you the reason we travel with three or four giant suitcases as well as bags, boxes, a large steamer trunk, and an eighteen-wheeler full of luggage when we stay for two nights away from home.

The toys we chose reflect the normal gender-opposite preferences our children usually exhibit. Of course they both played with all the new toys but Curly was thrilled to receive a new Thomas the Train set while Little Mister got a new doll house complete with babies, beds and pets. Freud would have a hey-day with our family.

Meanwhile I was amusing myself by taking closeups of chrysanthemums and nectarines.

And a pepper.

Oh, sorry, I digress. The kids. As you can see, Curly Miss happily drove her new trains all around the house while Little Mister carefully put his new baby to bed in the new doll house. Then he put a train to bed.

Today while Curly Miss is at preschool, the doll house continues to amuse him. He especially likes the lamp for some reason. I wonder what Freud would have to say about that?


  1. Glad you had a good safe trip! I can totally relate to the kids spreading their stuff throughout the house. It drives my MIL crazy. She's always picking all of our stuff up and putting them on one chair in the kitchen, but the kids manage to spread everything out all over again. It's not like I don't make them pick up after themselves. It's just that it drives MIL so batty for things to be out of place, that she ends up picking things up before we get a chance to do something about it.

    And Jayden likes to play with baby dolls. He likes to pick them up and carry them around and hug them and rock them. It's pretty cute. I'm not too worried about his manhood quite yet. ;) Kyrie is VERY much a girly girl, though!

  2. Did Natalie get a haircut? It looks always. :)

  3. Hmm, no. I have only ever cut her bangs. She has never had the back cut before. Her bangs sure could use a trim right now though!