Thursday, September 11, 2008

How I met Grandma J.

Hubby and I were dating and it was my very first visit to Heppner to meet his family. I was so nervous I hadn't slept at all the night before the trip so when we got there I was exhausted. He decided to go to Grandma's house in town before going on to the farm so we could rest and get a snack. Also he wanted to look up a friend of his in town. So we pulled in at Grandma's house and discovered that she and Grandpa weren't there. Rather than wait for them, Hubby wanted to go find his friend but by that time I wasn't feeling well in addition to the fatigue. He told me to stay by myself at Grandma's house and he'd be back soon. Well, I didn't like that idea one bit! To stay in someone's house that I had never met when they weren't there and do it completely alone was not my idea of a good thing to do. Meeting my boyfriend's family for the first time was nerve-wracking enough but to possibly meet them without him there to bridge the introductions was absolutely terrifying. However, he insisted and left me alone at Grandma's house, reassuring me that they would not get back before he did and things would be fine.

Left alone in the quiet, cool house I immediately decided to take a nap and the patch of sunlight under the skylight was especially alluring. I grabbed a blanket and snuggled down on the floor to sleep. Just after I drifted off I was awakened by the back door opening and voices coming closer. They were not Hubby's voice. I panicked. Here I was on their living room floor, these people I had never met!! I froze for a few minutes but as they approached and saw me, a blanketed lump on their floor with only a mop of red hair sticking out, I knew that wishing for invisibility was futile.

I sat up. I think it was one of the braver things I have ever done.

Of course once they got over their shock at having Matt's new girlfriend sacked out on their living room floor at 1:30 in the afternoon, Grandpa and Grandma were super. Grandma puttered around offering me snacks and ice water and Grandpa wanted to know all the doings in Moscow. We chatted and ate munchies for probably 45 minutes until Hubby got back.

Still to this day, Grandma asks me if I remember the day she met me, there on her living room floor. As if I could ever forget! It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. She has done her best to make me feel welcome in her family and treated me almost like one of her own grandchildren.

I owe her a debt of gratitude too to the love that she showed my Hubby through all of his growing-up years. She was wonderfully sweet and understanding to him, the eldest of five farm children.

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