Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Sleepover

Although I have watched friends' kids overnight before, Curly Miss hasn't been old enough to really get excited to have a sleepover until now. Her little friend, M, stayed last night while her parents and brothers went to Fiddler On The Roof in Pullman. The girls had a great time. To my surprise they happily included Little Mister in their play.

At dusk we took our family walk, putting the two girls into the blue stroller and Little Mister rode in the single jogger we used to put Natta in when she was a baby. Curly brought along the lightsabre she acquired at the fair, thus lighting the way as the sky grew dark.

Back at home the two girls obediently snuggled down on their air mattresses and sleeping bags. As expected they whispered and giggled for quite a while. Memories flooded over me of sleepovers with friends when I was growing up, of whispered conversations late into the night.

At last they settled down and fell asleep, two little friends side by side.

This morning we had to get everyone ready for church and be there by 8:00 AM! *Yawn* I did three little breakfasts, two little ponytails and lots of little socks. It was so fun having another little girl around, especially one who is so polite. I think both kids were a little bummed to get to church and find their adventure at an end.

On the way to church Curly, usually reserved with displays of affection, declared, "M is my best friend." AWWWWWW :) I have never heard her say that before. According to Natta's preschool teacher who has a degree in Early Childhood Development, that is an important social developmental milestone. But mostly, I just think it's cute! I've tried hard to wait for her to say it on her own, to choose her own best friend and not to tell her who she ought to be best friends with. This way I know it's her idea and not something of mine she is parroting. With Curly though, pretty much everything she does is her idea, so no worries there!

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  1. That's cute! Kyrie has her really good friends, too, but of course, every new kid she meets on the playground is "her best friend," lol. Glad you get to have some polite kids to spend time at your house for a change. ;)