Thursday, September 11, 2008


My hubby, bless his heart, made it his quest to procure firewood for our family to use this winter. He wanted to find a good deal but doesn't have time, tools or know-how to go get some himself. Finally he located a man selling cut wood at a reasonable price who would also deliver it.

We realize, of course, that a fireplace will not be the primary heat source for our house this winter. It is more of a luxury, a comfort item. It's also nice to rely upon in the event of a power outage.

This morning with the tang of fall in the crisp air, I went out to the new woodpile and grabbed an armful. The wood is nice and dry so it burns great. My children always treat the building of a fire as something of an event, exclaiming over and over and giving me advice on not burning myself. They have learned the rules about staying back away from it, so I'm not concerned about them although I still watch.

Little Mister's breathing is my only worry and I am not totally sure that woodsmoke is what caused his asthma attack. For the first few times I plan to keep a VERY close eye on him. The doctor gave us an inhaler to use in case of a future attack, though he hates the toddler mask and fights it tooth and nail. If it appears that he gets wheezy when I build fires I may have to rethink my love of a nice comforting wood fire.

Speaking of wheezy, I'd call my milk experiment a bust. I didn't see any change in breathing ability and I got tired of the taste of soy milk. I don't think I'll bother trying it on Mister since he doesn't usually exhibit symptoms anyway so it would be impossible to tell a difference.

Back to the fire, I have to say I am delighted with our woodpile. If I would have been in charge I would have stacked the wood in obsessively neat rows, but the fact that I did not have to mess with it at all makes me rethink the neat factor and simply enjoy it. It looks like a big happy mountain out behind our garage and hey, it's keeping the weeds down out there!


  1. Z hated the toddler mask for his asthma too at first but I found that the more I used it he eventually was totally cool with it and would pull it right on his face. I count his breaths and make it a game! I hope Seth gets used to it quickly! Otherwise it is pro-wrestling for you to pin him down!!!

  2. JD also hated the mask at first but since he gets an inhaled steroid twice a day he has gotten quite used to it and will do it without complaint. The sticker he gets when he is done is also motivating!

  3. Woodstoves are great! Though, they can be a pain sometimes. We had one in our old trailer that we lived in before we moved here. Great place to roast marshmallows, though!