Monday, September 15, 2008

Culture In Several Forms

We spent the afternoon with my parents yesterday. Since I hadn't spent any significant time with them for several weeks, I enjoyed our time thoroughly.

First we went to Fiddler On The Roof at Beasley Coliseum, a community theatre production that turned out to be fairly good. As is usual with community theatre, there were some excellent voices and some mediocre ones but since the play was one of my absolute favs, perhaps I was overly critical. The "If I Were A Rich Man" dance in particular lacked that certain something that is required to properly perform it. I have memories of my Dad watching Topol on the movie version then with gusto he'd get up with his hands raised above his 6'3" head and dance across our living room floor to peals of laughter from the rest of the family. My dad is a big guy and he put the required amount of gusto into it! He could have given this actor lessons.

Other than that, the play was super. I particularly liked the choreography and dancing; for a small town they had pulled a fair amount of talent. Also, the young woman who played Hotel had a blow-your-hair-back soprano, both powerful and beautiful.

After the play we decided to skip Small Group and go out to dinner. We went to Casa where we enjoyed Mexican food and coloring with the kids. With Grandma-mama to entertain, Curly was unusually quiet and well-behaved so the whole adventure turned out splendidly.

For the evening, Mom and Dad wanted to go back home to watch Big Brother, which is the one TV show Hubby and I watched this summer. We offered to have them over to watch it but after some debate we decided that the 13" screen and snowy reception were unacceptable so instead we all ended spontaneously going to THEIR house in L-town to watch it. The kids love Grandma-mama's house with its huge bucket of toys and the bike that beeps when you push the button. Right after the show we drove back up the hill and put our fussy children to bed. Because I had been up early with my little sleepover four-year-olds, I went to bed shortly after.


  1. One of my favorites too! I played Chava in the play for our jr. high. It was very fun

  2. Sounds like a great time! I have only seen parts of Fiddler, but I love the songs! What a fun memory of your dad!

    Glad you had a good time with family!