Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here I Go!

Don't worry, faithful readers, hubby promised to get on here and at least post some pictures of the kids while I am gone. It will be interesting to see what he digs up.

For me, here is what I will be doing this weekend. At three o'clock I'll meet up with the group of ten other women, do a quick gear check then climb into a 15-passenger van where I'll spend the next three or four hours getting extremely carsick on the Enterprise highway.

Once at the trailhead we'll enjoy sandwiches donated by Wheatberries and several of us are bringing wine and treats, enough for a good party. Then we'll "car camp" at the trailhead. Next morning those of us without hangovers and stomachaches will break camp and load up our packs. (You know I am kidding about the hangovers, right? C'mon!) We'll hike 5.6 miles on Friday uphill and then camp next to a pristine, rippling, giardia-laden mountain stream. Along the way we'll have writing assignments during camps and breaks and at night around the campfire we'll read selections aloud to one another.

Saturday we'll hike another 3.6 miles to Swamp Lake, hopefully nicer than the name implies. There we'll camp for all of Sunday, exploring, resting, writing, eating copious amounts of instant oatmeal and playing Hearts. I am told we'll have to cross a snowfield to reach our campsite meaning that this year July will be the only month that I did not experience snow in some form for this entire year. With the way the weather is going I have no doubt it will snow in September as well as every remaining month until 2009. But I digress.

The last day, Monday, we'll break camp and hike the entire nine miles back downhill and out. Then we'll all pile back into our van, play the carsick tape in reverse and end up home in Moscow smelling like... well... not going there. Use your imagination. I'm sure my Hubby and kids will be thrilled to see me and overjoyed to know I am soon getting into the shower.

All in all I'm expecting to have a marvelous time being homesick, mosquito-bit, aching, sunburned and sleep-deprived. I will be ten miles from civilization, in the middle of one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in existence. Surrounded by stimulating adult conversation, I will not be obliged to wipe any noses, change any diapers, observe any tantrums (I hope) or watch any Thomas the Train. This is going to be one heck of a weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh that is soooooooooooo awesome! I can't wait ot see what you are inspired to write about and I can't wait to hear your stories. What an amazing opportunity!!!! Have fun and we'll talk to you or blog with you when you get back!!!