Friday, July 18, 2008

Tunes in da 'Hood

Every year, our little town has a music festival called Rendezvous in the Park. Last night was the opening night over in East City Park, just yards from our house. I didn't know what to expect or how late it would run so it was with interest I watched the proceedings.

The first thing we noticed were the numerous tents being set up in the park. When we walked to the playground yesterday afternoon, we made our way around them and watched the stage being set up with lights and racks of big speakers. Drummers tested their kits and trumpet players warmed up with running scales like waterfalls.

As we sat in our darkened living room later, the music wafted in through the open windows. Although not as loud as I had expected, we could hear the bass as if a car nearby turned up its stereo. Hubby walked over to see what was playing and said it was a Rock/Ska band.

The kids had a rough time settling down. I'm not sure if it was the music outside or just the long day they had, but it was nearly eleven before both of them were finally asleep. To my surprise, the concert ended at 10:30 and the ensuing traffic died down shortly after that. I was expecting the festival to last until midnight at least. If tonight's concert ends at the same time, I will be surprised, though. Friday night and all that.

Rendezvous lasts all weekend so we could run over and take in some of the music. True, we didn't buy tickets, but if you don't mind not being able to see the stage, sitting just outside the fence is a great seat to hear everything. Every year they get world class, sometimes grammy-award-winning bands. They play everything from pop to rock to country or even reggae. On Sunday they wind up with a big orchestra concert.

Just one more thing I love about living in a town that appreciates culture. It is almost as if someone grabbed a little bit of, say, Portland and dropped it right here among the wheat fields.

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