Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tap Your Ruby Heels Together Three Times And Say...

Today was the coda on a three-movement symphony. It was the winding down, the closure, the realization of exhaustion and the transition back into real life. We tried to get up slowly, allowing the kids to roam and chatter but pacifying them with PBS cartoons and documentaries of Amtrak journeys until almost eleven. We fed them bowls of oatmeal and took turns napping on the couch. Finally we did the obligatory packing and cleaning and took our leave of a cabin we'd hardly enjoyed and simply used as a motel. Since that was the only time we'd see it this summer it seemed a little odd that we had not even found time to hike or swim or sit and enjoy the lovely view.

Promptly after leaving, Seth fell asleep and remained that way for an hour, well on into the lunch hour when we stopped in town for some refreshment and to stretch our legs. Leisurely driving home, we took time to stop at one of the historical sights along the way which of course set us to talking about the history of our area and then on to the history of our country and such interesting topics as the history and culture of the Appalachian Mountain folk. This absorbed us much of the way home but Natalie, growing bored, fell asleep in her car seat, he head lolling to the side in a most uncomfortable posture.

All the way, I felt the tug of home, of the comfort of Kindlewick Cottage and the calm tranquility of our house. This was my first big homecoming since getting moved and settled and I was pleased at how homey it already felt and how strongly I felt I belonged there. I could tell that the kids felt the same way for their countenances brightened as we took possession again of our residence and they rediscovered favorite toys and games. Our lonely kitten vociferated his pleasure at seeing us again in prolonged Siamese yowls and would not let me up from my chair until I had given him a full 20-minute massage and facial scrub. Tonight we busied ourselves with unpacking and rediscovering afresh our favorite haunts. It would almost seem that we had been away a matter of weeks instead of mere days, we are all so delighted to be home. Tomorrow begins another week, a week of adventures, of growing and learning, of playing and naps, of ups and downs as all the time we feel the sweet presence and peace of home.

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  1. "There's no place like home!" I had to say it because you never did. -E