Friday, July 4, 2008

Interrupted Snack

Last night I was sitting in my special chair eating tortilla chips and salsa with cream cheese. Our kitten, bless his curious little heart, decided he needed to find out what the spicy-smelling stuff in my bowl was and to that end he jumped up on my lap and stuck his nose right in the bowl. What followed was this silent exchange:

Me: grab kitten around the middle and place on the floor.

Hammy: jump on lap and attempt to reinsert nose into salsa bowl.

Me: grab kitten by scruff of neck and drop on floor.

Hammy: stand on back legs, placing front paws on leg. Sniff vigorously. Jump on lap and go after bowl.

Me: grab kitten by scruff and drop on floor.

Hammy: Attempt the "quick and sneaky" maneuver. Jump swiftly and silently. Aim for landing IN the bowl.

Me: grab scruff and toss kitten farther from chair.

Hammy: Act insulted. Lay down and lick self.

Me: back to my salsa.

Hammy: return to human and retaliate by biting her big toe.

Me: Screech and attempt to remove toe, fighting impulse to kick kitten across the living room.

Hammy: Since toe is now in motion, attack and chew ecstatically.

Me: Kick kitten across the living room. (Just kidding, Becca)

Hammy: return for more salsa.

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