Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nez Perce County Fair

I guess it's been a whole week already! We took Buglet to the fair last Saturday. We didn't plan to stay very long, both because it was almost naptime and because I am getting soooo pregnant that walking around is a chore.

Riding in the stroller, the first thing she encountered was the lady at the gate wanting to stamp her hand. She looked surprised and pulled her hand away, as if to say, "Don't do that to my hand!" When I showed her my stamp, she felt better. As soon as she saw all the people, she wanted to get "up-em" and walk around. I persuaded her to ride at least till we got in the door. We walked down the photography aisle and she commented on the pictures. "Doggy. Man. Hat."

We passed the woodworking where she was fascinated by a little painted chair, on to the vegetables. The biggest pumpkin was almost as tall as she was. However, it was boring and just sat there. Much more interesting were the plates of greens that sat right at grabbable level. "Plate!!" Yikes! No!

Onward... to the petting zoo. I thought she'd just love this, but as soon as she got some sawdust in her sandals, that was all she cared about. We petted a few animals and took a few pictures, including one of the miniature camel. Then we moved on.

I liked to see the animal barns with the stock and poultry. I especially like the rabbits. There were a few that you could pet, so we all petted them.

We took another spin around the big building, looking at the sewing etc. She got a balloon from the Pampered Chef table, which was the absolute highlight of her day! It was "geen" and tied to her wrist. Could anything be more cool?

Then home and to nap-time. Aaaahhhhh. :)

And here's me, looking like a house and pale as a ghost...

Monday, September 25, 2006

The countdown...

48 more days till Baby is due.

The big day: November 12. Buglet's birthday and Baby's due date.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cute Buglet Stories

She's been so cute lately, I just have to share a few stories. Enjoy!

Since I have been feeling so rotten, I tend to rely on PBS cartoons for morning entertainment every day. It has turned out to be an intense language course for an active little brain. Sometimes I have no idea where the stuff comes from. This morning she said, "Ready, set, go!" and I swear I have never said that to her.

Speaking of language development, my hubby is instrumental in teaching her, especially in the vital use of pop song lyrics. She does not simply ask for an ice cube, but instead growls out "ice, ice, baby!" Then she breaks into a huge grin and says it again at a whisper. The latest and greatest that he has been teaching her is "bow-bow...chicka, chicka. OH YEAH!" This, of course is essential for any two-year old's development.

Because we're musicians, she has had a LOT of exposure. First of all, she has her own special word for music: "Nats". (don't ask me, I have no idea.) In the car, "Nats" are expected and, if not turned on immediately, demanded. "gee-tar nats" are the preferred favorite, by both daddy and daughter, nevermind that they send mommy into a comatose state by being the most uninteresting kind of nats ever invented.

The other day I was driving to Moscow to ride home with Hubby from work. It's an hour either way and I had an old P&W tape in. I almost began to cry as Curly Miss started singing along with one of the songs: "deeee-jus, DEEEEE-jus, deeee-jus" (Jesus, Jesus...) The voice of my child singing that Precious Name for the first time is something I will treasure forever.

One of the things that helps smooth behvaior bumps out is our little rituals and routines. I'm doing my best to prepare her to be "Mommy's helper" and to not demand attention so things will go smoother after the baby is born. So we get up in the morning when she wakes up at 7:30 or so. Looking rumpled and touseled in her sleeper with her blankie, she always tugs my heart-strings. I fix a morning bottle of warmed whole milk with gerber oatmeal in it. She loves this and it's one of the few times she'll sit still and snuggle with me. But she's so well entrenched in the ritual now that SHE tells ME what to do and when. (Like I don't know or somehow forgot since yesterday.) "Birdies!" She'll holler from the living room. The first thing we do is take the cover off the birdcage. "Hi Birdies!" Then.. "Nilk! Nilk!" (me: here it is, Kiddo...) then "Up-em!" (me: okay, come here and I'll pick you up.) Silence while said nilk is consumed at the rate of 8 ounces per 3 seconds. "sink! Sink!" (me: would you be Mommy's helper and put it in the sink?) pad, pad, pad....clatter. "Popper!!!!" (me: could you go get us a diaper?) "Popper! Goggie!" (me: is there a doggie on your diaper?) "Douch!" (me: could you please climb up here on the couch so I can change you?) "Med-cine!" (me: do you need some medicine on your bottom?) With the running commentary, we get milk into child, diaper changed and we're headed downstairs ("sairs!!"), turning on the light ("Yite!") and holding a hand ("'and") on the way. Not forgetting, of course, the snack ("Nack!) for later. We then turn on the blessed boob tube and drown ourselves in the wonders of Clifford ("Bifford!") and Snook ("Nook!") and Elmo. A thankful mommy lays down on the futon and takes a snooze.

I find it surprising how athletic she is. And how fearless. That part worries me. She climbs the open-rung ladder to the highest slide at the park then proceeds to decend it face-first into the bark below. Undaunted, she picks herself up and does it again. Any person met at the park or store is an immediate friend and she'll walk off after them. Yikes!! At the pool, she'll sit on the edge and plops right in, regardless of the depth. I'm glad she's so confident but I sure have to keep a close watch on her!

I picked her up from my G'ma's house the other day after a doctor's appointment. My heart just about stopped beating when Grandma calmly announced, "We have had a very exciting morning." What had happened?? A thousand accidents flashed through my mind in a nanosecond. Grandma proceeded to explain, "We went outside to play and we saw and airplane AND a lawnmower!" *Mommy nearly faints with relief*

One of her favorite treats is being allowed to play with our cell-phones. As soon as she sees one lying around, it's "PONE!!!". Once opened and held to a small ear (after the key-lock is quickly set in place) the conversation begins. "'ello? hi. g'mama? hi Mama. Hi Daddy. Nallee mommy, daddy, pool. Bye-bye!" Lately I have been calling the REAL grandma and letting "Nallee" talk to her. "'ello? Mama!!! Ah-lah-loo-TOOO! (I love you too). Nap. Nilk. (All the most important subjects covered.) BYE!!!"

Well, even as I write this a small munchkin is being prepared for bed. "Bath! Duckies! Bye-bye bath. Bye-bye duckies... Potty-keet (potty treat)! Popper! Goggies-popper. Nilk. Nats. Nigh-Night." I'd better go as it is time to pray, to lay hands on this precious child that God has given me, to bless her and turn on the CD of lullabies she loves best. To extend that prayer late into the night...that God would grant me wisdom to care for this precious little life and that He would bless her with health, sweet spirits and an early love for Jesus. Good night, little Buglet!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Sweet and Sour

Pregnancy.... good...bad...

I just found out I have gestational diabetes. I told myself I wouldn't care if the test turned out that way, but I do. I care a lot. I worry that Baby Seth won't be healthy as a result. It sounds like the education and classes I have to take are going to be a pain as far as finding babysitting for my kiddo etc.

I wish everyone could just leave me alone and let me sleep. I am tired of my body hurting. I'm tired of trying to find something for my demanding child to do. I dread the next two months. Mom and Matt are gone for 11 hours every day. The evening seems so short to see him. I miss him. When he is here, he's usually taking care of Buglet or doing chores. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful and they need to be done, but I'm so lonesome I think I could just curl up and die.

I don't know when I have ever felt so miserable. Is life just one series of miseries after another?

Friday, September 1, 2006

This is really hard

This pregnancy has been harder than I ever imagined it could be. I spend most of my day either in bed (when Buglet is sleeping) or on a futon on the floor (when she is awake).

The thing keeping me sane is Cubis:

Daddy's Girl

Every day after work, Hubby would rush home (as quickly as you can with an hour commute) and tazke Curly somewhere so I could sleep. I still felt nauseous all day, wasn't sleeping at night, and was miserable trying to watch Curly during the day.