Thursday, September 29, 2005


The rain is raining all around,
it falls on field and tree.
It rains on the umbrellas here
and on the ships at sea.
~R.L. Stevenson

The first rainy day of the fall is soothing. A fresh smell, brown grass reviving. Today it didn't rain very long but it was enough to settle the dust and the smoke from the fields burning. Aaah!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuna Fish

Randomness is so nice sometimes in our world of planners and schedules. Spontaneity seems glorious after having to be here to there to meet so-and-so. I consider myself to be an organized person who does fine with schedules. I'm even generally on time for things. But sometimes, isn't it nice to relax and do something spontaneous? Or have something random that might bring a chuckle? I think so.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Good Night, Darling

Day Camping

Woo Hoo! I love to go camping. And this weekend I discovered a new kind of camping: Day Camping. My best friend and camping buddy, S. and I have been planning to go camping for ages but we have both been so busy that it never ever happened. I have been so bummed. And of course you can't go camping by yourself. That's no fun at all. Well, she suggested that we co camping for the afternoon since we both had to work the next day. It was wonderful! I was surprised at how fun it was. No planning or packing. I threw almost everything I needed in a knapsack and went. I didn't need to worry about a tent or sleeping bag or anything. We went up after church. S. took her truck and we both took our dogs, which was a blast. I think Piper needed to get away as much as I did. We drove up to McCrosky Park, which has a spectacular view of the Palouse. Once there, we did traditional camping activities such as fire building, hiking and taking pictures of the view. But I think what refreshed me the most was the time with Jesus I spent while on a walk. Also, it was so quiet and peaceful up there. The air smelled fresh. We watched the stars come out. Surrounded by pine and fir, we allowed our spirits to be soothed from the day-to-day grind of life. Then, on the way back into town, we stopped at Baskin Robbins for ice cream. *big grin*

Friday, September 23, 2005


Trees waving. Peaceful and fluid, rocking in the wind. Rooted firmly, stable in the solid earth, unmoving. thank God for trees

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tater Tot doesn't find a home

I was reading over the last entries and I just found out that the lady who was going to adopt Tater Tot adopted a Shih Tzu instead. Grrrr.....Shih Tzus..... :(

A feather

You know the feather in the beginning of Forrest Gump? That's how my life feels right now. Blown here to there with no rhyme or reason and very little control. I went from a summer break (paid, becuase my paychecks were spread out) to one week of one job to quitting because my whole paycheck went to childcare. Then started another job and it was so incredibly stressful that it totally sucked, even though it was supposed to be a great job and with great people. Okay, I've wanted to work at the church for like 10 years, but I found out that I couldn't handle all that this job entails! So I gave notice. Now I'm going to try half time, which might turn into full time again. My life is so confusing! Where do I get off the roller-coaster ride? I wish I was a kid again with parents to handle this stuff. No, actually, I don't because I am a control freak and when someone else handles the details, I don't like how they do it. So my thoughts are floating around like the feather too.

Geez, I need to chill out and trust God more. I mean, really. Like do I believe He's in control or don't I? I wish my brain would just let go and relax. Instead it spins around from thng to thing and worries like crazy. You know that verse that says "Do not worry"? In Matthew. Well, I wonder how you're supposed to turn it off? I picture my Auxilliary People (sometime I've got to write a whole blog entry just on those. Hubby made them up. They're hilarious.) running around looking for the Worry switch to turn it off. And they can't find it so they're getting more and more frantic as they search for the switch that shuts off worrying. I'm not even sure what I worry about. Like I'm not worried about us starving. Or not paying our bills. Or that something will happen to us. But I worry that I'll never like my job, or that if I quit my job then we really won't be able to pay our bills and that I'll be all stressed out about money. When I was a kid I thought, "Who cares about money?" Well, I was naive then. You have to care about money cause even living in this dump of a place, it takes money to stay here.

Whew! Now I got all of that off my chest. I bet I can go enjoy part of a Caramello Bar and have family night with hubby. We love playing Starcraft or Age of Empires. Sounds fun. God bless whoever might have read this bit of venting. It's so nice just to get it out of me and onto the computer. Hopefully my life will improve soon and the blogs will become more cheerful. I love to be cheerful. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Buglet Hiking

Fall Chill


I currently have nothing to do while I answer the phone so I am going to write about one of my favorite hobbies. I love to sew. I learned to sew by hand when I was about 10. We were staying at my Grandma's house for the summer and mom and Grandma were sewing something. I wanted to learn so the two patient saints got me a needle and thread and some fabric samples and let me go to town. I sewed the squares together into a little quilt. I was so proud of it that I kept it for years.

Now my sewing projects have become a little more advanced. I like doing church banners. I think once I'm staying home I will make some clothes and baby clothes. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Also, while at home this summer, I discovered that PBS has some extremely boring television programming involving sewing. Some of the projects looked fun (maybe) but what I liked most was the technology. I didn't know they have inkjet printable fabric now! So cool! The problem with the sewing shows though is that the machines they use are smarter than Harvard graduates and they cost more than than the average BMW. I still hold that the creative person with the plain old Viking sewing machine (what I have) can turn out some great projects.

I think I'd like to sew me and Buglet a matching outfit next. I can't wait till we get our new baby and I'll make him/her clothes too!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tater Tot finds a home

My little foster Bichon, Tater Tot is going to her forever home! Yay!. Not that I don't like her...she's a sweetie. But three little dogs in a single-wide trailer is TOO MUCH! I always think that then I offer to take the next one that comes along. Silly me. But I think she is going to go live in Maine! wow. This lady applied for her who will be great. She knows how to deal with separation anxiety and she's going to spoil her rotten. It will be great. I'm so glad. I love working for SmallPaws! ( We took Tater from the brink of death by lethal injection at a kill shelter in Seattle to going to a loving forever home in Maine. She'll make someone a wonderful pet for years and years. It's times like this that make all the headaches and messes and annoyances and garbage spread all over the house... this makes it all worth it.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Photo Archive

Before I kept this blog, I posted pictures to our family pages here on one of my business sites. Pick a year, take a look!

more canned oysters

Okay, that last post was really short and depressing. And I'm not generally a really depressing person. So I want to write something a little more representative of myself. It's just that right now I'm going through a job crisis. Being an adult sux. I wish I were 14 again. The summer that I was 14 was great. No responsibilities, no scars. I remember playing with a toy covered wagon that I built myself. I was a weird 14-year-old. But I liked myself. Still do, as a matter of fact.

I'm just about to go pick up my baby. I'm so excited. I think she gets cuter every day. I need to take more pictures of her.

It's so nice to just be able to ramble. Once I am not so stressed out about work, I might be more coherent. But right now all I can think about is how much I don't want to be here. Which is why I quit yesterday. I know I'm supposed to love working here, but I don't. So, I'm going to try something else. Thank God for a free country.

canned oysters

Hello world! I'm venturing out into the blogging world to share my thoughts with the most random title I can think of. Right now my main thought is that the end of a long week has come. I hope I can work from home soon. I miss my baby.

On that depressing note...