Tuesday, July 16, 2002

She Said Yes!

My phone rang, and Matt told me to go look at my car. I did, and there was a note on it that said to go to the church! I hopped in an drove to the church, not knowing that Matt had set up an entire scavenger hunt for me!

The church secretary gave me another cad with an explanation and a riddle on it, which led me to Brused Books. The lady working there, Carol Spurling, helped me locate the next clue, hidden in a book of treasure.

This clue led me to Moscow, and the UI library. Under Mary DuPree's table, I found another clue, but this one led me to Rosaur's! After much hunting, I found the clue, taped to a box of muffin mix. This clue led me to Bucer's, where the clue was a big crossword puzzle, hidden inside a book.

That puzzle led me to the New Arboretum, where Matt waited, nervous that I wasn't going to show up, and then nervous that I would. He walked for a while, but by this time I knew something was up. I waited, but he didn't out with it. Finally, I asked him. He led me to a bench, where he sat me in the sunshine, went on one knee, and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!